Serenade Your Beloved on Valentine’s Day

Serenade on Valentine's Day
For the hopelessly romantic on Valentine’s Day, singing or playing apiece of music in the open air is likely to be an unexpected and wonderful surprise for the lady in your life. Whether you choose an intimate solo serenade or a public serenade, you will need courage and a decent singing voice. If you have any doubt about whether your voice will hold up, a visit to this site offers other Valentine’s Day ideas to surprise her with, which will take some of the pressure off you. In the meantime, here are some ideas for those who seek to create the perfect serenade on Valentine’s Day.

Choice of song

Choose a song that is meaningful to you as a couple, representing your feelings for your Valentine. However, before making your choice, consider your singing range, which simply means finding a song that you find comfortable and easy to sing. Alternatively, choose her favorite song, and if you are unsure, check with her friends and swear them to secrecy. You could also sneak a peek at her playlist to see what she is currently listening to a lot.

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How to Write a Guitar Song

Write a guitar song
If you want to write a guitar song, it is best to start out playing songs by other people. This gives you the chance to explore how others write and learn the basics of songwriting. By playing covers, patterns will become clear about song structure, melody, lyrics and more, which you can then recognize in the music that you love. Playing covers of new songs, you enjoy is also a good idea when you are struggling to put your own new compositions together since it can inspire with a chord, lyric or riff that you can borrow.

Here are some next steps to take once you have mastered some of the songs by other people that you enjoy.

Learn basic music theory and song structure

You do not have to be able to read music to write songs or fully understand all aspects of the theory of music but learning basic theory, and song structure will make writing your own songs that much easier. You will learn about both when you play covers, which is a good first introduction, but further research looking at basic theoretical concepts like scale degrees, diatonic chords, the circle of fifths, and chord inversions gives a clear idea about the foundations of songs, which makes them easier for you to use and modify in your own writing.

Be honest and avoid clichés

Whether your message is simple or complex, you want the feelings you transmit, to be honest and heartfelt. For this reason, it is wise to avoid clichés, which can mean your message gets lost, and find your own way of getting your feelings across.

Experiment: alternate tunings and Break Out of the “Norm”

Once you have the basics of playing basic open and barred chords on the guitar, start experimenting with alternate tunings and chord voicings on your guitar to find new ways to play even basic chord progressions, which means you won’t get bored so quickly with a narrower base of music to work from.

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Acoustic or electric guitar

The primary difference between an electric and acoustic guitar lays on personal experience. A good number of people argue that acoustic guitar is the best because it strengthens your hands and fingers, but others will swear by an electric guitar because it is easier to play. For this reason, let us briefly analyze both.

Acoustic guitar


For a beginner who started with a steel string acoustic guitar, you will have no problem playing the electric guitar something that can’t be said of people who started vise verse.

A lot of people prefer the naturally soothing calm tone of an acoustic guitar over the distorted, amplified electric sound. Additionally, unlike electric guitar that requires you to buy cables or an amplifier and has a power source to plug into each time you use it, the acoustic guitar doesn’t hence it’s the most convenient.

However, every positive thing has it set back; acoustic guitar is hard on your fingers–tougher strings equal tougher playing chords. A beginner can, therefore, get discouraged and give up so easily.

Electric guitar


Learning to play barre chords on the electric guitar on the other hand is easy on your fingers because it’s lighter; hence, easy to play. You can connect headphones to the amplifier to avoid driving the whole household crazy. However, the electric guitar becomes expensive because it requires you to buy an amp and other accessories. Secondly, beginners find it hard to find the right tone and a bad sounding guitar might put them off.

The decision of playing either depends on:

What interests you most

A guitar that is easy to play is impressive. However, you should keep in mind that the first instrument you choose is vital to your long-term success. The instrument you want will interest you despite what other people think of it. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid of locking yourself to one type of guitar for the rest of your life. It is evident that you’ll, with time, gravitate to the other. The desire for new instrument arises when you develop skills; hence, the desire to play and learn a new thing becomes internalized.


Your goals

Are you aspiring to lead a band or are you looking to amuse yourself during leisure by strumming a few chords while singing? Specialized guitar users, who sing with guitar for a career, nowadays integrates a computer’s interface on their electric guitar to make sounds like any other instrument. The setting of an amplifier in the guitar is mind-blowing. However, there is an electric acoustic guitar which is in between, but that is quite off the mark.

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A Wedding Anniversary and a Guitar

anniversaryWedding anniversaries are very special. They are a yearly reminder of the day you married your soul mate, lover, and best friend. Wives love to be pampered and spoiled on this very special day. This year do something extra special for your wife. Play her a beautiful song on the guitar.

Those who have the talent of playing the guitar have this challenge the easiest by far. Simply choose a beautiful and romantic ballad, such as “All of Me”, by John Legend for example, or your wedding song, or even a song played at your first date, and play it for her. If you also have a great singing voice, sing along as well. You can set a romantic mood by lighting candles, or even taking her on a moonlit stroll and having a beautiful lake side picnic. If you have no guitar or you can’t play an instrument, find an instrumental version online and sing along. Even if you can’t sing, she’ll appreciate your efforts. If you own a guitar but don’t know how to play, find an instructional video and learn a song for your anniversary. There are many free instructional videos online and she’ll be really touched that you took the time to learn something new for her. If she enjoys watching you dance, dance for her. Better yet, choose a song for you to slow dance with each other.


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