A Wedding Anniversary and a Guitar

anniversaryWedding anniversaries are very special. They are a yearly reminder of the day you married your soul mate, lover, and best friend. Wives love to be pampered and spoiled on this very special day. This year do something extra special for your wife. Play her a beautiful song on the guitar.

Those who have the talent of playing the guitar have this challenge the easiest by far. Simply choose a beautiful and romantic ballad, such as “All of Me”, by John Legend for example, or your wedding song, or even a song played at your first date, and play it for her. If you also have a great singing voice, sing along as well. You can set a romantic mood by lighting candles, or even taking her on a moonlit stroll and having a beautiful lake side picnic. If you have no guitar or you can’t play an instrument, find an instrumental version online and sing along. Even if you can’t sing, she’ll appreciate your efforts. If you own a guitar but don’t know how to play, find an instructional video and learn a song for your anniversary. There are many free instructional videos online and she’ll be really touched that you took the time to learn something new for her. If she enjoys watching you dance, dance for her. Better yet, choose a song for you to slow dance with each other.


Anniversaries don’t have to be perfect, just make some effort. Play your wife a song on a musical instrument, take a moonlit stroll, or have a lake side picnic. You can combine all these things if you like. You can buy her a romantic present if you choose such as lingerie. You can even offer her a massage or share a hot bubble bath with her if money is tight. Most important of all, enjoy your anniversary. Doing something you both enjoy is what will make the day perfect.