Acoustic or electric guitar

The primary difference between an electric and acoustic guitar lays on personal experience. A good number of people argue that acoustic guitar is the best because it strengthens your hands and fingers, but others will swear by an electric guitar because it is easier to play. For this reason, let us briefly analyze both.

Acoustic guitar


For a beginner who started with a steel string acoustic guitar, you will have no problem playing the electric guitar something that can’t be said of people who started vise verse.

A lot of people prefer the naturally soothing calm tone of an acoustic guitar over the distorted, amplified electric sound. Additionally, unlike electric guitar that requires you to buy cables or an amplifier and has a power source to plug into each time you use it, the acoustic guitar doesn’t hence it’s the most convenient.

However, every positive thing has it set back; acoustic guitar is hard on your fingers–tougher strings equal tougher playing chords. A beginner can, therefore, get discouraged and give up so easily.

Electric guitar


Learning to play barre chords on the electric guitar on the other hand is easy on your fingers because it’s lighter; hence, easy to play. You can connect headphones to the amplifier to avoid driving the whole household crazy. However, the electric guitar becomes expensive because it requires you to buy an amp and other accessories. Secondly, beginners find it hard to find the right tone and a bad sounding guitar might put them off.

The decision of playing either depends on:

What interests you most

A guitar that is easy to play is impressive. However, you should keep in mind that the first instrument you choose is vital to your long-term success. The instrument you want will interest you despite what other people think of it. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid of locking yourself to one type of guitar for the rest of your life. It is evident that you’ll, with time, gravitate to the other. The desire for new instrument arises when you develop skills; hence, the desire to play and learn a new thing becomes internalized.


Your goals

Are you aspiring to lead a band or are you looking to amuse yourself during leisure by strumming a few chords while singing? Specialized guitar users, who sing with guitar for a career, nowadays integrates a computer’s interface on their electric guitar to make sounds like any other instrument. The setting of an amplifier in the guitar is mind-blowing. However, there is an electric acoustic guitar which is in between, but that is quite off the mark.

What works within the parameter of your budget?

The electric guitar is more expensive than acoustic guitar because it needs an amplifier and other accessories. Nevertheless, if an electric guitar is what you desire, a little more time and saving will be fruitful.

In conclusion, you should have noted that the guitar you like and daydream of is the easiest to learn as you are more likely to establish impressive practice habits early in the process.