Serenade Your Beloved on Valentine’s Day

Serenade on Valentine's Day
For the hopelessly romantic on Valentine’s Day, singing or playing apiece of music in the open air is likely to be an unexpected and wonderful surprise for the lady in your life. Whether you choose an intimate solo serenade or a public serenade, you will need courage and a decent singing voice. If you have any doubt about whether your voice will hold up, a visit to this site offers other Valentine’s Day ideas to surprise her with, which will take some of the pressure off you. In the meantime, here are some ideas for those who seek to create the perfect serenade on Valentine’s Day.

Choice of song

Choose a song that is meaningful to you as a couple, representing your feelings for your Valentine. However, before making your choice, consider your singing range, which simply means finding a song that you find comfortable and easy to sing. Alternatively, choose her favorite song, and if you are unsure, check with her friends and swear them to secrecy. You could also sneak a peek at her playlist to see what she is currently listening to a lot. If you still struggle with a song choice, opt for a classic love ballad.


If your Valentine lives in a home with a balcony, it would be hard to resist such a traditional location for a serenade, though it might be too public if she’s five stores up a tower block. A quiet and private spot for your surprise solo serenade, such as a riverbank, garden or other secluded spot, works well for a focused and personal touch. Playing by the light of the moon is another special touch but choose dusk rather than later at night so that you do not disturb other people. At the other end of the scale, if your sweetheart revels in attention choose a public park or consider a flash mob.

Supporting acts if you cannot sing or play

If your talent at playing the guitar or singing acapella are not highly rated, call in a friend as an accompanist or singer to cover your weaknesses. Strumming along with a great singer, when done with feeling is equally impressive and is definitely going to give a better impression than struggling through on your own. Keep it small, so you do not get lost in a band of your musical buddies. You will also need to practice together to ensure a smooth performance.

Do it!

Take a deep breath and go for it. You have done your preparations by learning the lyrics and rehearsing the song, so now smile and pour out your passion. This is the ultimate declaration of your love for the lucky lady. Have fun and enjoy it, since this isn’t some serious recital. If you drop a wrong note or forget a lyric, laugh it off and carry on. The most important thing is that you want your sweetheart to know that you are sincere.